Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top 10 Favorite Foods

It’s 2017!! 

To start off the year we thought we'd share some of our favorite foods because, well, we both love food! I say some favorites because we have so many that we could sit here all day and list what we like to eat. However, we're keeping it short and simple.

We hope you'll share your favorite foods in the comments below. Do you have a favorite winter food? Do you have a favorite holiday food? Give us some to add to our own list!

Toni’s favorite foods:

I’ll present mine as a Top-Ten List, David Letterman style, but with a bonus at the end.

#10: Grilled cheese sandwiches—I haven’t had one in years because I don’t eat wheat very often. Hmm. Maybe I’ll make one today.

#9: French onion soup—As #10 suggests, I love food with with cheese in it. I listed French onion soup because it reminds me of Paris.

#8: Teriyaki anything—If teriyaki sauce is on something, I’ll eat it.

#7: Tacos—From our local Taqueria that’s just down the block.

#6: Cherries—They speak for themselves.

#5: My husband’s caesar salad—He’s perfected it.

#4: “Have’a Corn Chips”—Made with tamari; put a bag within my reach and I will immediately eat every chip in it, including all the crumbled ones at the bottom. 

#3: My morning smoothie—I never get tired of it even though I always put in the same exact stuff: a bit of water, a banana, a big scoop of whey protein isolate, a heaping tablespoon of cocoa, a handful of spinach, three ice cubes.

#2: Sushi—I could eat it every day. Sadly, our favorite place in town just closed. We’re looking for a sushi take-out replacement, but Stacey’s Moshi Moshi will be hard to beat.

And my #1 favorite food: Dark, dark, dark chocolate.

My bonus favorite food: Anything my son’s mother-in-law, Jacqueline, cooks...and I do mean anything.

Mara’s favorite foods:

I’m also presenting my list Top-Ten style, but only because my mom did it first. I don’t share her love of Letterman. (He’s okay, but he doesn’t spring to mind when I’m making lists.) 

#10: Chicken Tikka Masala—I have to say that this only makes my list if it’s from a place called Khan’s near the Queenswater Bay tube stop in London. I never liked Indian food before we lived in London, and Khan’s Chicken Tikka Masala completely won me over. Best with fresh Naan. 

#9: PB&J—I love peanut butter and jelly. Sadly, I’m now allergic to peanuts so I can no longer eat it, but it’s probably for the best because I could eat three sandwiches in about ten minutes. Such comfort food.

#8: French onion soup—Like my mom, the soup does remind me of Paris, but I’ve always loved it. You’ll see from my list that I’m a soup fan, and there’s something about French onion, with the melty cheese on the soaked bread, and the onions in the broth—I could eat a whole pot of it. [This is Toni interjecting here: I could too!]

#7: Pizza—I’ve never had a pizza I didn’t like. (There’s some toppings I don’t like, but I just pick them off.) I even like frozen pizza.

#6: Spaghetti Bolognese—I’m always happy to eat spaghetti with a good meat sauce. 

#5: My dad’s caesar salad—My mom is right. He has perfected it. I do a decent job of copying his, but his is the best.

#4: Ramen—We discovered authentic ramen in Japan. I had always thought of ramen as the stuff in the grocery stores that's 10 for a dollar (which I like a lot!). But traditional Japanese ramen is a complex rich broth with delicious fresh noodles and savory meats. The marinated soft boiled eggs they add in are divine.

#3: Pho—This is a new favorite of mine. It’s a simple Vietnamese soup. Lighter than ramen, but so tasty. Add sriracha and hoisin, some fresh lime and basil. YUM. Fast and usually inexpensive! 

#2: Shrimp—I love shrimp. I like it pretty much any style. About ten years ago, for a few months I thought I was allergic to shrimp and I honestly grieved for weeks. That might have been an overreaction, but that’s how much I love shrimp. 

#1: SUSHI—I love it. I could eat it every day. Sushi in Japan was amazing. But really, sushi anywhere is amazing.

P.S. Reading over my food list, it makes me sound very worldly, but honestly I usually eat Soylent (liquid food,) a banana, and a plain turkey sandwich every day. None of these are “favorites” but they’re easy and fast! 

French onion soup made it onto both Toni and Mara's lists!


  1. Hmmm, in no particular order: avocados, roast beef tenderloin, crisp bacon, fresh bread, chocolate, custard, warm grilled chicken on a cold salad, my Mom's macaroni salad (which none of us have been able to replicate), coconut cream pie from Wanda's Pie in the Sky (in Toronto). Actually, pretty much anything in pie form, as long as the crust is good. And an authentic Philly soft pretzel!

    1. Jennie - Every single thing on your list could be on mine even though I never tasted your Mom's macaroni salad. It's a favorite for me now just because she made it. Love, T

    2. Oh, I should have had bacon on my list! I LOVE Bacon!!! --M

  2. Seafood! Crab, shrimp, fish. Chinese food, pizza (rarely eat, so it's a treat). A good steak (treat too). Bacon! 🥓 Cheese! Toni, I use gluten-free bread. Chicken and Dumplings.