Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Do You Ever Wish for a Superpower?

Mara here: I recently saw the movie Wonder Woman. I'm a fan of superhero action movies and thought this one was done well. It was fun and action packed. As a little girl I remember wrapping tin foil around my wrists and running around the park next to our house, pretending to deflect bullets.

And it made me come back to a question I often ask myself, which is this: If I could have a superhuman power, which one would I want? Strength, invisibility, time travel?

Usually, when I ask this, I immediately think of how amazing it would be to be a healer—to have the ability to take away people's pain, whether it be mental or physical. But I worry that I wouldn't be strong enough to handle that responsibility. I think the fact that it would be impossible to help everyone would destroy me pretty quickly. 

So my second choice is to be able to fly. I have a recurring dream in which I'm flying. Not like superman or a bird, but more like a kite, where I have to run fast and then take a huge leap. I get picked up by the wind and suddenly I'm soaring and floating. I can't seem to keep myself up in the air indefinitely. But if I can get enough momentum and there's wind, I can soar through the air like leaves being carried by a current.

My dreams always feel real, and I always feel as if my flying is a secret that nobody else is supposed to know I can do. 

Those moments I'm soaring through the air feel so exhilarating. I feel completely free in a way that I haven't been able to recreate in my conscious life.


Toni here. It was so fascinating for me to read Mara's piece because what happens in her dreams now is what happened in mine when I was a little girl. I had so much fun in those dreams, flying all over the place, watching people who didn't know I was watching (I was invisible). I'm so glad that Mara has a recurring dream that she can fly!

What superpower would I want? I thought this would be a tough one for me because my first thought was that I'm not interested in having a superpower. But then I read the list of Mara's possibilities and realized that it's time travel for me! Travel to the past not the future though. I'd like to "taste" a dozen different eras, such as ancient Greek and the Renaissance and the Elizabethan era. But there are some dark times in history that I wouldn't want to go back to, so I guess there's a condition I need to impose on this superpower: I get to choose what "time" I travel to or the deal's off!

What about you? Have you ever wished for a super human power? 

The Elizabethan Era

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