Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Our Gratitude List for May. What are you Grateful for?

Yikes, it's the end of May! Thinking about June always makes me hear the song "June is Bustin' Out All Over" from the musical Carousel in my head. But before we get to June, we wanted to take a minute to appreciate May!


Six Month Anniversary of this Blog—It's hard to believe that it's already been six months! I am very grateful for everyone who reads and asks questions! It started as a project for my mom and me to work on together, but it's been amazing that people have followed along on our journey!

Mulberries—Okay, to be completely honest this is a bit of a mixed bag. When we moved into our house 13 years ago, they told us they planted a walnut tree in the front yard. A few years ago, the tree started sprouting, but it definitely wasn't walnuts. They were these weird little black berries. But there weren't very many of them, and neither my husband nor I knew what they were so we just ignored them. 

Well, this year the tree sprouted like crazy. We think it's all the rain from last winter, but there is a berry apocalypse happening in our front yard. There's berry carnage all over our driveway and the sidewalk. I still didn't know what they were until someone posted a picture of a Mulberry leaf on Facebook requesting the leaves for their silkworms. What? Mulberries? 

Then I noticed that we have a neighbor who, apparently completely unconcerned with the fact it's on our front lawn, brings her kids over and they sit and pick the berries off the tree and eat them. It's a little weird but I don't mind, so I pretend I don't see them when I pull into the driveway. (Even though it's a very small house, so it's not as if there's any possible way I don't notice them sitting in my front yard.)

Anyway, one day I decided I wanted to try one of the mulberries, and they're delicious! They're like very sweet blackberries, but without the seeds. If they didn't leave a ridiculous mess (honestly, it looks like a crime scene in our front yard) I would be thrilled!

Veterans—This blog won't post until after Memorial Day, but I am writing this on Monday and we are celebrating Memorial Day. I am so thankful for people who are willing to join the armed forces to support and defend this country.   


First, I want to echo the first and third items on Mara's gratitude list. I'm thankful for all of you and for our veterans.

Now, three things I'm grateful for this month.

A Family Visit—For several reasons, even though they only live a little more than an hour away, Mara's brother and his family have been unable to visit for several months. This past weekend, they came and even stayed overnight. We had a wonderful time. I'm especially grateful to my granddaughter Cam for playing with Scout so much. Watching the two of them was such a delight for me. And it was great to chat with my son, Jamal, and my wonderful daughter-in-law, Bridgett.

My New Bonsai—I lost three of my bonsai trees when I tried the tricky business of "root pruning" them. Now I have three new ones and they are thriving. I keep them in the bedroom with me and, if plants can be happy, it feels as if they're very happy to be living here!

My Dermatologist—How many people see a specialist who takes an interest in health problems they have that aren't related to the specialist's area of expertise? I suspect, not many. But mine is and exception. Whenever I see her, she's always done some research on my ongoing illness of 16 years and has ideas for me to take to my primary care doctor. I'm grateful to have her as one of my doctors.

We hope you'll share with everyone what you've been grateful for this month.

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