Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What's Your Favorite Season?

Mara here: Having lived most of my life in California, growing up, I didn't have a lot of experience with the the seasons. Before living for a time on the east coast I didn't realize that people had completely separate wardrobes for different seasons. And it really seemed strange when, in the apartments where we lived, there were set dates when the whole building would either have access to heat or to air-conditioning, but not both.

After having lived in Virginia for a few years and then spending a few years living on and off in Utah, I now understand the significance of different seasons. After months of freezing temperatures, or the heat and humidity of summer, spring and fall are a mental and physical relief. There's a different feel in the air, and the trees and foliage all take on a different look. There's real change.

So what's your favorite season? 

Mine is fall. I prefer cooler weather to hotter weather. So the break in summer temperatures is exciting for me. I look forward to things getting cooler. I love wearing sweaters and fuzzy socks. I like that fall means that the holiday season is close, and it's the start of a new school year.

But mostly it's that I love the cooler weather. I love cloudy days. I love rain. I love being able to sleep under piles of blankets. I like my cold weather pajamas. I like the smell of fires in the fireplace. 

In California it doesn't actually start to cool off for our version of fall until November, but when it does I'm ready!


Hello everyone. Toni here. I was surprised that when I went to answer the question of what my favorite season is, one of them didn't pop right out at me. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I don't have a favorite season.

I think it's partly because I grew up in Los Angeles where the seasons aren't that different from each other. When I moved to Northern California, I experienced four distinct seasons for the first time. I think this is why I love them all.

I love spring because the world outside goes from mostly bare branches to flower blossoms and (my favorite thing) tender and soft leaves suddenly appearing on trees and shrubs (I particularly like to see them when they're back-lit). 

I love summer for its cool mornings, just before the temperature starts climbing, sometimes to above 100 degrees (F). And I love summer at dusk when the hottest part of the day is over and the sun isn't shining on me, but the air is still warm and cozy.

I love fall because of its colors. When I moved from to Northern California, I first became aware of how beautiful fall leaves are. And, even though I love summer, when fall rolls around, I enjoy the relief from the heat.

I love winter because I love rain (thank goodness we had a lot this past winter in California) and I love overcast days. This past winter, for the first time, I made an effort to go into my backyard for a short time every day, even though I had to bundle up to do so. I made a point of catching myself when I was about to complain that it was so cold and, instead, welcome it as a refreshing sensation on my body.

Mara and I would love to know what your favorite season is!

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