Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What Do You Google?

Hi everyone. Mara here. The internet is a wondrous thing. However, sometimes I realize that I am using its powers for evil instead of good. Okay, not evil, but I’m clearly wasting the power of the internet just because I’m bored. Growing up, we had an old set of Encyclopedias that I used, and I felt lucky we owned a set and I didn’t have to go to the library all the time. Now we have access to what feels like all the knowledge in the world. 

I probably look things up on the internet 100 times a day. I will sit and Google things as they pop up into my brain because I like that I can. Sometimes I research interesting and important things, like how to fix my garbage disposal. But usually I’m looking up random things because I can and honestly most of the stuff I look up is goofy.  

What do you look up for fun? Comment below!

Here’s some of Mara's recent Google searches:

—How to make Taco Bell Baja Blast Freeze

—How tall was Jackie Kennedy? 

—IMDB: War Dogs

—How long does salsa last?

—Can I reuse pickle juice?

—Search for ice tongs

—Fainting goats

—Dog heads cut into cube japan

—Search for small tubes



—Santa hat glitter

—Crochet tiny french linen

—Alexa lights

—Defensive driving teen discount

—Nose irritation inside

—Front bumper camera

—26 cm inches 

—Chicken potato packet

I have no idea what some of these things mean or what I was looking for, but it was important to me at the time!

Toni here. These are some of my recent Google searches:

—Cold feet (as in their temperature)

—Is it “wax eloquent” or “wax eloquently”?

—Does svelt have an “e” on the end? (It does and so I didn’t get points in Boggle for listing it)

—Dental implant v. bridge

—When was the last February 29?

—What is a utility knife?

—Florence Dome Medicis

—Eurasian Blue Titmouse

—What is abstract expressionism?

—Coldest water safe for dog to swim in

—IMBD: Frances McDormand

—Is it “reception area” or “receptionists' area”?

—Weather in Sydney

—Are Sharpies toxic?

—IMBD: Length of Mud

—How to do the levitation trick

—Can bonsai plant be left outside if it freezes overnight?

—What is cultured marble?

—Tennis: career grand slam v. holding all four majors in a row

—Moldy thermos


  1. What to do if I drink mold
    phone number for visiting angels
    reclining loveseat
    new oklahoma poet laureate
    artist sing you to sleep after the lovin'
    Darren yukon, ok
    product for mildew in sink pipes
    pelham humphrey

    1. Hi Belinda. I love your list. I notice that both mold and mildew are on it...and mold was on mine! T.

    2. Thanks for responding! Have the best weekend you can have.